Lock in a Low Rate Today

Energy conservation also applies to your wallet. Whether residential or commercial, energy is a necessary expense. It helps to reduce that outlay of cash.

In fact, you can save money and make money on energy.

There are a lot of GREAT reasons to become an Ambit Energy Customer.

The Facts:

There is no cost to switch to Ambit Energy.

Switching does not interrupt your service.

Energy is energy. It still comes from the same place and through the same equipment. Just the amount you pay for service will change. Ambit will be your Retail Provider. Texas (and Canada) customers will receive their bill from Ambit.

If there is a power outage, you still contact the same company that owns the equipment (this info appears on your Ambit bill).

It takes just a few minutes to switch online.

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FREE Energy? Yep, FREE!

Would you rather pay for your energy, or get it free? Yeah, free is good.

Other energy companies just talk about low rates. Ambit Energy gives you a chance to earn FREE energy. Just refer 15 people to Ambit through your customer website. As long as you have 15 referrals paying their energy bill on time every month, Ambit will take the average of their bills and credit your bill with that amount. In this way, energy conservation takes on additional meaning!

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While you’re at it, you can also earn Ambit Travel Rewards (expiring in 2018, details to follow).  The more energy you use, the more Rewards Points you collect to use toward travel vouchers for cruises, vacations and getaways.

In addition, with every 5 customers you refer, or that your consultant obtains for you, your travel rewards expand as well. International travel is part of this!

You can check our rates for your area from this site.

If possible, I prefer to look at all sides of your bill because utility bills can be difficult to read. You have nothing to fear! I help you determine what you are paying now and what we offer in savings for you.  For me to do that, simply email me all sides of your bill (either commercial or residential) to me. I will take a look and give you a call.

Whether Residential, Commercial, I can help !

We have many small businesses taking advantage of our free energy program in addition to excellent rates. They even have contests with their customers and offer coupons and specials if customers become their referral customers with Ambit. Why? Because Ambit gives additional credit off their bill, reducing a must have expenditure!