4-Part Success System for Ambit Energy Consultants

The thing about a success system is that you need to plug into it to actually have success. And Ambit Energy certainly has a successful four-part system for consultants to plug into that created a $1.4 billion company in record time.

A proven system is what makes McDonald’s and every other national fast-food chain successful. It’s certainly not the terrific burgers.

It’s the reason why, no matter what McDonald’s you want into, the fries are in the same place, the drink machine is in the same place, and pretty much the entire place is run the exact same way. Because it works.

Want to know the exact system that built Ambit Energy to one of the most successful companies in American history without traditional advertising models? Want to learn exactly how to do it? Then just keep reading.

Part 1: Invitation

To put it as simple as possible, Ambit Energy Consultants are professional inviters.

Consultants invite people to simple take a look at the business opportunity. This is so huge and something so simple that many people miss.

Consultants do not sell Ambit Energy. They do not convince people to join. They invite.

This takes so much pressure off, because anyone can invite. There are three main ways consultants can invite people to check out the business: an online video (click here to see), the Success from Home magazine or a live/local business presentation.

In all three of these ways, the consultant still does not have to actually do the presenting. Just the inviting.

Part 2: Presentation

Now, I just said the consultant does not have to do the presenting. And that still stands.

The online opportunity video (only about 15 minutes) is a terrific tool to do the presenting for you. So is a live business presentation. Of course, a consultant CAN do the presentation if they want to. But even if you are in a one-on-one situation, you can always just show the video.

The best way to set up a presentation is to ask someone if they are open to taking a look and then ask what specific time they can look at the presentation.

EXPERT TIP: Always set a specific time. (Click here for more tips on network marketing invitation).

This also works the same for inviting to live business presentations. Let the presentation do the presenting. Do not try to verbally explain the presentation. Trying to verbally explain a very visual presentation isn’t going to go well.

Part 3: Validation

This is the most missed part of the Ambit Energy business system, but it’s so critical that it’s usually the one step that most greatly affects someone’s decision to join the business.

Everyone who takes a look at the Ambit Energy business opportunity will fall into one of three categories: In, Out, Maybe.

Most people typically fall into the Maybe category. They’re on the fence. This usually means they have some questions or issues that need addressed. This is where the validation comes in.

EXPERT TIP: Use a team leader or a more experienced consultant to answer questions and address concerns. This can be done on a three-way call and it shows that you have a team in place to help.

A validation is not for convincing someone to join the Ambit Energy business. It’s to make sure the person gets their questions answered and has all the information they need to make a decision.

Part 4: Decision

Ask for a decision!

Doing parts 1-3 won’t matter if consultants don’t actually ask for a decision. Once all their questions are answered, that’s the time to ask where they are on a scale of 1-10.

A 1 means it’s not for them and they are definitely out. In this case, consultants see if they can get them as a customer. If they are a 9 or 10, then they are ready to get started.

EXPERT TIP: Don’t be addicted to the outcome. If someone doesn’t see the Ambit Energy opportunity as a fit for them, that’s fine.

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