Review of Ambit Energy Texas Free & Clear Nights Plan

Ambit Energy recently launched three new residential electricity plans in Texas. One is the Free & Clear Nights 12.

This new plan features 100% wind energy, so if renewable energy is important to you, this is definitely a plan to consider. The free nights plan is not yet (as of October 2017) available in all Texas delivery territories.

So, how do the free nights work? It’s pretty simple (be sure to scroll down to watch the video).

Basically, you are not charged for the energy rate or the local TDU (such as Oncor) delivery charges from the hours of 9:00 p.m. – 5:59 a.m. But you are charged during the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 8:59 p.m. All hours of usage, however, are 100% wind energy. The Free & Clear Nights 12 plan does require a smart meter.

Ambit Energy Free Nights Plan Wind

The average rate per kWh based on kWh usage ranges as follows:

14.6 cents/kWh for usage around 500 kWh
13.1/kWh for usage around 1,000 kWh
12.3/kWh for usage around 2,000 kWh

Keep in mind these average rates are not different prices. They are simply showing what the average rate calculates out to be once you factor in any base charges, the energy charge rate and the delivery charges calculated at the three different kWh usage examples.

It is estimated that most Texas residential customers use 32 percent of their daily electricity at night (hours of 9:00 p.m. – 5:59 a.m.). However, if know that you use a significantly larger percentage of your electricity at night, then this plan is likely a great fit for you.

As displayed in the Electric Facts Label, which shows all the details and calculations for the Ambit Energy Free & Clear Nights 12 plan, this is a 12-month contract plan. However, with Ambit’s three new featured plans comes a 60-day guarantee. If you do not like the plan you select, you can switch to another plan at no cost within 60 days of your enrollment.

Check out the detailed video below:

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Ambit Energy announced this weekend at its annual convention that the Texas-based company will expand into Canada in 2017. Nov. 1 is the date set for the launch of Ambit’s third country.

The retail electricity and gas provider launched in Japan in the summer of 2017 – the company’s first international expansion.

Alberta, Canada, will be the first territory. Ambit Energy will offer electricity to residential and small commercial to a potential 224,000 customers in the ATCO Electric service territory. Natural gas will be serviced to a potential 1.1 million customers in the ATCO Gas service territory.

Ambit consultants can begin enrolling customers in these areas on November 1. Currently, Ambit services 16 states plus Washington D.C. in the U.S.

For more information about the Ambit Energy Canada opportunity, call 571-293-8348 or email

Below is a map of the ATCO Electric territory.

Ambit Energy Canada ATCO Electricity Map

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Ambit Energy Expands Into Japan May 2017


Ambit Energy is Expanding to Japan


As the largest direct seller of energy in the world, Ambit Energy will offer energy service to eight utility areas, with open enrollments beginning in May 24, 2017. Watch the video announcement from Ambit Energy co-founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless below:


You can also watch the official Ambit Energy Japanese business presentation (with English/Japanese option) at this link – – or by clicking on the image below:


This expansion marks the first international territory for the 10-year-old Dallas-based company. Currently, Ambit Energy serves customers in 16 states plus Washington, D.C. Here are the utility territories in Japan that Ambit will service including the potential customers and potential annual revenue:

Utility Area Organization Potential Customers Annual Revenue Opportunity (USD)
Tohoku Tohokuden 7,715,000 $6,798,146,380
Tokyo TEPCO 29,200,000 $27,721,176,000
Chubu Chuden 10,647,000 $9,407,060,769
Hokuriku Hokuden 2,106,000 $1,313,294,370
Kansai KEPCO 13,600,000 $12,061,617,426
Chugoku CEPCO 5,243,000 $3,672,850,806
Shikoku Shikoku (Yonden) 2,849,000 $2,218,583,889
Kyushu Kyuden 8,633,000 $6,969,838,426
79,993,000 $70,162,568,065

That’s 80 million potential customers and more than $70 billion in potential annual revenue. These utility territories do not include Hokkaido or Okinawa.

Call for more info on Ambit’s expansion to Japan: 469.207.1595

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy, and demand for electricity is expected to rise by 22 percent. Japan is also the third-largest direct selling market in the world. The country began rolling out energy deregulation in April 2016 in hopes to increase competition and reduce electricity costs.

Pre-enrollment for the first Ambit Energy Consultants in Japan is scheduled to begin the morning of May 24 (Japan time). The official launch and the first official customer are scheduled to go active around mid-July.


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