Free Energy! Residential and Small Business

HOW in the World Do We Give FREE Energy?

So many energy companies are competing with each other trying to offer a lower rate or some new incentive. With Ambit, you get a low rate, but you also can earn free energy. How cool would it be to earn up to Free energy on your bill? Some families are saving $100, $150 or $200 and more every month in a tax-free credit on their bill. What could you do with an extra $200 per month?

That’s right, all Ambit Energy customers can earn free energy in the way of an energy credit on their bill every month.

Here’s how it works:

  • Refer 15 customers to switch to Ambit Energy service.

  • Receive a credit on the energy supply portion of your bill equal to the average of your customers’ daily usage.

  • This credit applies every month as long as you maintain a minimum of 15 customers.

  • The credit will either appear on your bill, or Ambit Energy will mail you a check.

  • If the average payment is equal to or greater than your bill for the month, your energy supply is FREE!

Here is an example from Pennsylvania:

free energy

If the average daily energy cost of your referred customers is less than your usage, you only pay the difference, but if their average usage is equal to or more than yours, the energy charge on your bill is free. So, how many people do you know who would like to save money on their energy bill? Pretty much everyone, right? Each Ambit customer gets a free personal website where people can switch to Ambit as your referrals.

If free energy sounds good to you, switch to Ambit today and start referring customers. But the earning power just starts here. You can become an Ambit Consultant and earn residual income by simply referring people to Ambit. Check out the Become a Consultant page for more info.

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