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residential solar powerA Solar home is the wave of the future. Let it be yours too!

Have greater self-sufficiency in the case of electricity outages, especially with battery storage. Solar residential power gives great benefit to your home and wallet.


This is a more natural means of creating energy that is cleaner for the environment.

Why Solar for Your Home?

Our program has NO UPFRONT cost. No loans to take or to pay off for the solar equipment.

Lock in a very low fixed rate per Kwh (kilowatt hour) for 20 years for the electricity your system produces. This offsets the natural, rather unpredictable, rise in electricity costs nationwide. It is also the means for paying for your system over the 20 years.  Then you have the option of owning completely (and you can payoff your panels sooner if you wish, just ask.)

Your system produces electricity, and that which is not used goes back to your utility for a credit on your bill. Save 20% and often more depending on the area.

Your system transfers to a new owner easily should you sell your home.

Your system is serviced and warranted with THE top rated solar company, SUNRUN.

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 solar residential power

How Does Solar Work?

Here’s how a solar home  energy system works. Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity. The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity. The electrical panel sends power to your lights and appliances.  An inverter comes with your solar system.

Net metering (also known as net energy metering) is a solar incentive that allows you to store energy in the electric grid.  It allows the flow of dollars and power to work. When your solar panels produce excess power, that energy is sent to the grid and in exchange you can pull from the grid when your system is under-producing like during nighttime. A net meter comes with the solar system as well , and typically has to be installed since most homes have never had soar before.

Your local utility will know how much energy your solar system generates and will give you a credit on your bill.

And Can We Have  a Battery with Our Solar System?

Yes, having a battery for your home solar system allows electricity storage so that much less if any power goes out to the grid. Engineers are working on ways to increase storage capacity so that these batteries are smaller and less expensive.

The numbers are going to change in the future. Utilities will pay homeowners to access their batteries because it helps them to smooth out grid fluctuation. It also might make sense to charge the battery at times when electricity is cheap and discharge it when it is expensive.