Ambit Energy announced this weekend at its annual convention that the Texas-based company will expand into Canada in 2017. Nov. 1 is the date set for the launch of Ambit’s third country.

The retail electricity and gas provider launched in Japan in the summer of 2017 – the company’s first international expansion.

Alberta, Canada, will be the first territory. Ambit Energy will offer electricity to residential and small commercial to a potential 224,000 customers in the ATCO Electric service territory. Natural gas will be serviced to a potential 1.1 million customers in the ATCO Gas service territory.

Ambit consultants can begin enrolling customers in these areas on November 1. Currently, Ambit services 16 states plus Washington D.C. in the U.S.

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Below is a map of the ATCO Electric territory.

Ambit Energy Canada ATCO Electricity Map

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